[PHOTOS] Walking Around Dunhope Park & Dundee Law, Scotland

November 3, 2016

A bit of hiking as well.

That morning, I walked alone. I just don't feel good to interrupt my friends' good sleep after they stayed up working on their thesis. Budak dah habis exam (masa tu) kena bawak diri okay. Haha, they already spent a lot of time with me actually, especially time for cooking. :D

You can expect LOTS OF PICTURES in this post okay?

Welcome to Dunhope Park :D

This park is very close to my friend's house, like 5 minutes walk. Maybe because it was early in the morning, there was almost no one there, except this uncle with his bike. I had my own sweet time walking along the road, gambling my time to get to the highest point of Dundee. You can read it through out this post. :)

I'm not sure is this a part of Dunhope Castle or not. Haha

Dunhope Castle.

Like how other castles used to be (I went to many castles like this in Czech), this one also was used as a family house, military base, barrack etc as well.

Dunhope Terrace

The higher entrance of Dunhope Park.

On my way to Dundee Law.

Look at the houses :D Teringat rumah-rumah teres kat Malaysia 

Higher point. You can see Tay River slightly over here.

Tay River is getting more visible.

Okay, now, let's hike up!

Told yea, it was Ramadhan. I was struggling that time as in Scotland I need to fast an extra 2 hours compared to Czech! Haha, nangis rasa. 

For Czech, usually we start fasting from 3 am until 9 pm. But, in Scotland it is 2 am until 10 pm. Nak solat tarawih pun memang dah layu badan. Our stomachs were literally full after Maghrib that we were not able to fill in more for Sahur. 

But, we still need energyyyyy for the rest of the day. 
Sumbat sumbat sumbat. 

Mujur makan jugak sahur tu, ada tenaga untuk hiking :D

Tay Rail Bridge. 

Another one. 

Again :D

Tay Rail Bridge - 3km++ long

Actually there was a sad story behind this Tay Rail Bridge. The one that we can see now is the 2nd rail bridge constructed across Tay River. It was opened in 1887 while the first one was opened to public in 1878. 

What happened to the first bridge, anyway?

Hmmm, I felt really bad when I read about the incident. In 1879, just a few months after the first bridge celebrated its first birthday, the bridge collapsed due to high winds. At the time when the incident occurred, there was a train with 6 carriages crossing the river. Unfortunately the train plunged into icy waters and all people inside the train died. T_T

Dundee Law.

Memorial on Dundee Law. 

There is a reason behind the name 'law'. I don't really understand as it involved a Scottish word. Rasanya lah kot. But this place is actually the plug of extinct volcano. Banyak betul hasil gunung berapi kat Scotland ni. Masa kat Edinburgh pun, banyak hills yang terjadi berkait dengan volcano jugak. 

With the background of Tay Rail Bridge.

The memorial.
The memorial was built for remembering those people who died in both World Wars. And actually, there was a tunnel running across the Law, but it was closed in 1980s. 

Walking down.

You can drive up the hill, just follow the signboards. 

Besar kan pintu pagar dia. :D haha.

It was a good morning hike. There were few other tourists as well and many local people use this hill as morning exercise. I met few runners on this hill, as well as old people who just want to visit the memorial. 

Sometimes, I feel awkward to take pictures in this kind of place. Like, how could I look happy with the background of War Memorial?

I hope I have the will to continue my Scotland's posts. Huhuuu

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