What I Love About On The Way To The Airport [DRAMA]

November 12, 2016

This drama (OTWTTA) ended last Thursday.

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
On The Way To The Airport

It became viral on social media (at least on my Facebook news feed) one time ago because of Air Asia and the scenes in Malaysia. Honestly I am not that interested to watch because of the drama looks like focusing on this argument:

  • “Is it possible to have a dignified relationship in the world of MARRIED men and women?” - Soompi

But it is kinda significant to me as I watched an episode of this drama when I was literally on my way to the airport

You can read more about the synopsis here, in Siqah's post

1. Airports are my place for emotions.

Well, they can be fun when travelling around or go back to Malaysia for summer holidays. And airports can also be sad with parting and saying goodbyes. 

I spend time in the airports at least few times a year. I am not sure if I will have the chances to fly a lot when I start working soon, but honestly airports have the soft spot in my heart. One of the memorable moment about airports was the first time I slept on the cold tiled floor of Madrid Airport. It was the first time I traveled around Europe with at least 10 other friends, we divided ourselves into two groups - taking turns to sleep and guard. 

Although it looks illogical, I love how the drama shows emptiness of the airport (the one in Korea). It is not easy though to catch views of airports without a single person, I think?

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport

2. I am not into the idea of extra-marital relationships itself, but... 

This is a mature topic to think about, not simple lovey dovey story of a boy and a girl. 

Having an affair is totally not good (actually, it is seriously ill) for the health of someone's marriage. But, after watching few early episodes of the drama, my thought changed. It is different between having an affair and having a friendship with opposite sex. 

I can see how hard both leads to control their thought to remain focus in their kinda-broken families with their spouses behaving like that. I just knew the reason why her pilot husband and his psycho wife have their attitude upon reaching to few last episodes of the drama! Haha.

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
Too late.

Emotion is something that is hard to discuss and deal with. A comment I read on this drama is that, "this is wrong, so wrong, but it feels so right! They are not supposed to be together, but they are clearly meant for each other." Love is hard. :p

This is what make it a unique drama. 

3. Get a glimpse of a stewardess's life

I have no friends working as stewardesses, surprisingly I met many backpackers working in aviation anyway. To sit in the same row of emergency exit is totally not my preference (although the space for leg is bigger), but this is where the stewardess sit as well. I've once sitting opposite a stewardess, it was awkward but fun to watch how she did the 'cross-check' - whatever it is called. 

In this drama, it is amazing to watch the struggles of a stewardess, for example the main female lead. To witness how hard it is to balance between work and family, it increases my high respect towards working mothers. :) 

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
I love this scene so much, dunno why. It is just about opening the aircraft's door, but I have no experience seeing it in real life. Haha.

4. The beauty of Malaysia with Korean cinematography. 

Honestly, I have no idea why Malaysia looks stunning in this drama. It's not like I've never been to Putrajaya before but this drama makes the place looks surprisingly new and just wow. 

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
Masjid Putrajaya

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
Masjid Besi, I guess?

What I Love About Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport
The river.

5. Discussion on serious matter.

For me myself, assumption kills a relationship.

Same like Suri Hati Mr. Pilot (SHMP), I can say that in every relationship, trust and communication are the most important points to take note. For every confusion, we need to discuss and come out with solution that both parties can agree with. 

After reading Siqah's blog post on SHMP, there are many secrets kept by the characters in both dramas. But, I can say I love interactions between people in OTWTTA more than SHMP. Like, how the male lead of the drama fly all the way from Jeju to Seoul to discuss the important issue instead of texting or assuming. In OTWTTA, I can understand why Soo Ah keep things from her husband, but not Warda in SHMP. :p


Well, lots of moral values are portrayed in every dramas or movies I guess. Values on friendship, family, work etc. It is just how we look at the changes of people's attitude and then, reflect ourselves. Evaluate ourselves if we have those kind of attitudes we hate watching them on the screen. 

It's a happy ending drama after all. :)

I am personally satisfied with the ending, yeay! Do you watch this drama?

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