Top 5 LUSH Products Maryam Loves The Most :D

November 16, 2016

Tadaaaa, Maryam in the house, she contributed this amazing post!

As I mentioned in previous post, Maryam will share top 5 LUSH products she loves the most. So, shall we start?

Let's go!

1) Let The Good Times Roll (Facial Cleanser)

This wonderful face and body cleanser has maize flour, polenta (cornmeal), corn oil and a dash of cinnamon powder. It’s a gentle yet scrubby cleanser which leaves your skin feeling totally smooth and soft with the caramel popcorn scent! If you love sweet scents, take a sniff at this cleanser and it’ll blow your mind away!

Credit to LUSH
You can even find the real popcorn in this product! - Credit to

Quick tip : take a pea size amount. Add water to make somewhat like a paste. Massage on face while indulging it’s heavenly scent. Rinse off with warm water.

2) Mask of Magnaminty (Face Mask) 

This is hands down one of the most popular products from Lush. It consists of peppermint oil to stimulate the skin, marigold oil to treat the skin, evening primrose seeds to gently exfoliate, kaolin to nourish and honey for antibacterial properties.

This mask is suitable for all skin types, whether you’re dry, oily, combination or even acne-prone. It pulls out all the impurities and brightens the skin! 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : take a good size amount and apply to the face, immediately feel the tingling feeling from the peppermint! Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove with water by circular motions to obtain exfoliation.

3) Honey I Washed My Hair (Solid Shampoo)

Yes you read that right, it’s a solid shampoo! It consist of wild orange, bergamot oil and honey which gives you soft and shiny hair. It’s an awesome alternative to a regular shampoo because it’s travel friendly! Just toss it in your bag and you’re good to go! 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : glide it around 3-4 times on your scalp and it lathers instantly! 

4) Tea Tree Water (Face Mist)

Great for mopping up those excess oils in the skin. It’s a very good antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial mist that keeps away all those nasty bacteria! Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and juniper berry helps keep skin clean and clear. 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : use as often as you’d like! After cleansing and before moisturizing is your best bet, but you can always refresh your skin whenever throughout the day! Spraying this on your pillows to keep them fresh and free from bacteria is one way to use this as well.

5) The Experimenter (Bath Bomb)

For those of you who have a bath tub at home, please try one of their bath bombs or bubble bars! This one in particular smells incredible, and it turns your bath into rainbow colours!

Credit to x
Quick tip : throw it into your bath and watch the magic happens ☺


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