How To Leave Clickable Link in Blogger Comments?

November 22, 2016

Disqus is one of my biggest blogging sins - that I keep on doing. Till this exact moment.

I know that Disqus is not friendly anymore with Blogger, I mean it doesn't sync at all now. I tried searching around how to change back to Blogger comments without losing the comments I already have on my posts. But, none. T_T

Sad truth.

I am so sorry for those who find it difficult to leave a comment in my blog. I have no idea what should I do with this. Deep inside, I really hope you won't find it hard to leave comment by logging in to Facebook, Google or Twitter. Honestly, Disqus is almost perfect EXCEPT the sync problem. T_T

This morning.

Oh, do you guys know what is Disqus actually?

It is a 3rd party comments section for blog. Told ya, I was a big fan of Korean dramas and shows - those sites were the starting point I learned the existence of Disqus. And after I found few other blogs using Disqus as well, honestly it looked totally cool!

I wish Disqus can sync with Blogger like it used to be. T_T

What is hyperlink?

On Disqus comments section, you can leave a link without extra codes needed. Like, if you leave a Youtube link, it will even attach the video on the comment itself. 

But, on Blogger comments, the 'link' will not hyperlink on its own

Let me show you the examples:

1. The link/text without hyperlink
2. Hypertext - link/text with hyperlink

For the first example.
  • You need to select the text --> right click --> select 'go to xxxx'
    • This is possible ONLY IF the blogs allow readers to do 'right click'
    • Although I don't really understand why people disable 'right click', I respect your decision anyway.
  • Alternative = you can also select the text --> control + C (copy) --> control + T (open a new tab) --> control + V (paste) --> enter
    • If you are very good with keyboard (especially with shortcuts), this is very simple for you.  

So, why not make it easier for other people to click the link on blogger comments by directly make the text / link as hyperlink?

See the 2nd example.
  • You can click directly on the hyperlink to open the link on the same tab. 
  • Alternative = if you want to read it afterward, just right click on the link --> select open link in a new tab. 
    • You can continue reading the page before continue with the next tab. 


How to do it?

You just need to add this HTML code:

<a href=""></a>

The result will be like this:

For the code, simply change the text in quotation mark "" into the link you want to share. Next, change the text in between the arrows >>< - this is how people will see the hyperlink. 

I think you realised that I put this hyperlink at the very end of comments I left on your blog :) The very exact reason why I inserted my blog hyperlink on each comment I left is I don't like both Blogger profile and Google Plus profile when people click on my name. 

I had experience once - when I read any interesting comments, I really want to reach out the person. So, when I click his/her name, I was directed to a Blogger profile with most of times the blogger may have 3-4 blogs listed! Why oh why?


Tips :
I saved the HTML code on Notepad on my laptop and pin it to taskbar. Every time I do my routine blog walking, I'll make sure I already open the Notepad and copy the HTML code. 

p/s - People may think the link as spam, I do as well. Just, try to hover on the hyperlink first to see where the link is directing you.

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