9 Challenges in Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

January 23, 2018 Medina Saudi Arabia

Now, it is time to move to Madinah. Every single day in Makkah was meaningful to me. Even my parents who have been there more than once, are still counting days to go there again. See, how significant Makkah and Madinah to Muslims :)

And to you, if you have never been there yet, insyAllah, let's pray hard we will be invited very soon, ameen :)

Beautiful masjid, beautiful every whereeeee!

Actually these lists were applicable to Masjidil Haram as well, just, maybe my challenges were a bit more in Madinah - when I need to istighfar most of the times to calm myself. T_T

1. Embracing people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

People. They are not just Arabians or Asians like us - Malaysians, Indonesians, Singaporeans or Bruneians. But expect people from other continents as well - Africans, Indians, Turks, Pakistanis even Europeans and Americans!

All of us have different styles of praying (the basics are still similar) but I need to always tell myself, this is me and my way, and them with their ways. Even though I spent 6 years living abroad, I have never seen such mixtures of people. T_T 

Berlapang dada, I must say with different mazhabs, another point to jot here. 

Challenges but the view is always magnificent!

2. To pray inside Masjid Nabawi or the open spaces outside?

Again, another point open for discussion. As I met different answers every time I asked different people. 

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a., Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda: "Satu solat di masjid ku ini (Masjid Nabawi) lebih baik dari seribu solat di tempat lain kecuali Masjidil Haram." (HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

Some people prefer to pray inside Masjid Nabawi instead of open spaces outside as they consider the ganjaran to be inside not outside. If you prefer to pray inside, do come earlier before the azan (about 10 minutes) as it will be a bit hard to get a proper space or empty saf if you are late. 

Sunset - I have no experience watching the process of opening and closing these roofs. After Fajr, when I exit the mosque, it is already open. And after Maghrib, it is already close. 

This is different than Masjidil Haram. I can say if I arrive in between azan and iqamah, I still manage to get myself a good space with Kaabah in front of me <3

Prepare a small prayer mat so that if you don't have the chance to pray on the carpets, you can still pray on the tiles comfortably. The tiles are cold, I am telling you. 

Open roof inside the mosque - at night.

3. Orang suka makan saf.

Haha I don't have proper words for this. MashaAllah. 

For example, you come early and you manage to get yourselves a good place on the carpet to pray. Like myself, I love to pray beside a pillar so that I have extra spaces to put the sling bags. 

Masjid Nabawi

The challenge I want to say here is... when suddenly a group of people come sitting in front of me (knowing there will be no spaces for me to even sujud). I experienced few times that I need to adjust myself before sujud otherwise my head will kiss her foot. T____T

Not to forget how people love to walk passing me, while putting their hands on my head. Other example, their bags simply hit my head and they don't even realise that. T_T

4. Put the shoes in the spaces provided.

I understand some people prefer to carry their shoes with them. Huhu I am not sure if they lack common sense or their common sense is not similar as mine. 

At least, if you want your shoes to be with you , put it nicely in a plastic bag. 

Can you imagine suddenly you sit on random people's bare shoes (without any knowledge that the shoes are clean or not)? There was one time, a group of 3 ladies came to pray behind me and suddenly they put their bare shoes in front of me. 

Whyyy? I don't understand this thing. T_T

5. The guards.

Honestly guards in Makkah are scarier than in Madinah. Hehe.

But, in Masjid Nabawi, we will encounter more guards especially for women. To enter the mosque, there will be guards who will check our bags. Not sure what items are they searching for but camera is one of them. It was a bit tricky for me as I usually put the camera inside my bag (even though I don't have much intention to snap). 

But, phones are allowed so just take pictures with the phone okay? Even though sometimes the guards won't allow you to do so. Just, be careful of other people's aurat. 

Post-Isya' prayer I think?

6. The challenges to enter Raudhah.

This is one of the ultimate goals in Masjid Nabawi. 

Since Raudhah is located closer to men's prayer areas, the duration of time to be there for women is a bit limited. If men can enter Raudhah 24/7, compared to women who can only attempt to enter after Fajr, Zuhur and Isya' prayers.

I will write a specific post on Raudhah - my experiences and tips :)

7. Be patient, sabar sabar sabar

Related to other points, there will be A LOT OF PEOPLE. Sometimes, even for me I need to calm down, be open, try to be ikhlas to go to Masjid Nabawi. I need to keep telling myself that Masjid Nabawi is a very special place, Rasulullah's tomb is even there! 

Wakaf Quran in Masjid Nabawi have this stamp on :)

Other than people crossing above you, slapping your head with their bags... please expect they even cross your bags even though there are Qurans on top of the bags! 

I am crying insideeeeee. 

8. Botol spray wuduk

Same as in Masjidil Haram, this item is crucial.

Toilets for women are not that far and usually they will be in front of the doors to enter the mosque. But for women who already be in the mosque and suddenly batal wudu', it will be a bit challenging to go outside and to take wudu'. T_T Another challenge is to return to your saf when the people are increasing in numbers after you have taken your wudu' outside.

The toilets - it is not encouraged to go alone to the basement where the parking level is located. Dangerous especially for women. Stay in groups, yea?

Avoid drinking too much water before prayers and do it after prayers instead. Water is important to prevent dehydration which is common for us there. 

Oh yea, to use the spray, prepare yourselves with small towel to prevent the water from dropping onto the carpets. 

9. Tawakal

All efforts must come with this. Tawakal.

Tawakal that there will be spaces for us to pray. 
Tawakal that there will be chances for us to visit Rasulullah s.a.w. and his Companions in Raudhah.
Tawakal that our shoes will still be on the shoe racks when we return to pick them up. 

And tawakal that our ibadah will be accepted by Allah and we will be granted with pahala and syurga :)


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