Awesome Prizes with Traveloka Fly & Win CNY Contest 2018

January 24, 2018

It was an impromptu trip to Cameron Highlands that my parents and I have just returned home from. Alhamdulillah, it was a beautiful short trip that I will always remember and may all the good memories that I have created together with Ayah Mak be the strengthening core for me to start working very soon. 

I guess an unemployed daughter with her retired parents really make a good combination for trips. Hehe. And to see them smiling will be one of my life goals, forever.

Redha with me, ya Ayah Mak?

When I was in Cameron Highlands, I watched this one short video for Chinese New Year. It is about a mother who comes out with lots of ideas to make her son happy. She works as a taxi driver and loves to show different parts of the world in various unique approaches to his one and only son. In my heart, I believe she really want to travel the world with him but can't afford it. The ending of this video is a bit touching, watch it yourself. T_T 

So, what do you think about the video?

Other than my amazement towards the woman, this video actually reminds me of my very first time flying. It was out of my expectation to have the chance at that time. Planes and me, I honestly had not much idea how to relate us before, other than studying hard to make me eligible to further abroad. 

But, this era, chances to fly are almost everywhere. We can buy our own tickets (there are low cost airlines wohoo) and I have been reading that some people collect points from their credit cards! Wowww.

There is actually one more alternative, I am telling you right now.

Traveloka Fly & Win CNY Contest! :)

I don't really join contests (like religiously) before as I feel like I have no luck with them. Just, I realized that there is no harm in trying and I don't even have to spend anything to join. Right? 
Honestly, I am having good experience with Traveloka. I have traveled the world for few years already and of course I have few other regular platforms to book flights and accommodations before I knew the existence of Traveloka. :) 
But guess what, to my surprise, Traveloka really offer cheaper prices especially for last minute plans like my family basically love to do. And the website is very user friendly!

Our Cameron trip recently.


About the contest I mentioned earlier, it will run from 22nd January 2018 (12am) until 28th February 2018 (11.59pm). Such a long duration, we can brush up the skills needed to win more!
First of all, let me share what are the amazing prizes that we may have the chances to win.

Grand Finale Prizes
  • 1st: 6 days 5 nights to Seoul (flight & accommodation)
  • 2nd: 5 days 4 nights in Phuket (flight & accommodation)
  • 3rd: 4 days 3 nights in Langkawi (flight & accommodation)

I guess Seoul is the number one favourite destination for Malaysians! Even though South Korea was my second country abroad that I had been to, honestly I haven't traveled around Seoul yet. Haha. I had a conference in Busan and my time there belonged to the event.

Now we already know the prizes. 
The steps to win are very easy to follow. What we can do next are....  

1. Go to Traveloka CNY 2018 Contest. Click Login with Facebook. Then click START GAME.

It is encouraged for us to read the terms and conditions for better understanding.

2. Tap on the screen to balance the plane passing through 'obstacles' like towers, pyramids, hot air balloons, clouds etc. We can obtain extra points by flying through angpaw (red envelopes). Be careful of flying too high or too low as well. 

Be patient! :D

Tap tap tap...

3. When we finish the game, we can see our score. We need to click share and only then, we can click submit score.

To my understanding, to post / share about the challenge on Facebook is NOT compulsory. We can still submit our score to win the Grand Finale Prizes. But.... there is another thing to take note! Traveloka also offers prizes for sharing the Traveloka Fly & Win CNY Challenge on Facebook! There will be 2 winners (randomly chosen) who can win RM1000 Traveloka Voucher each.

My best score so far. 

So, I make an attempt, like this. Hehe. RM1000 is a lot okay!

4. Fill in our details and click REGISTER.

Fill in..
5. Then, we can see this page informing us that our score has been submitted.
5. The final page!
The game is simple enough to play. At first, I thought playing with phone will be easier. However, I realized that I scored more using mouse on my laptop. :D So, it depends on us which one suits us best. 

Why not grab our chances to secure these free stuffs for us? Hehe.
We can do this!
For other details about Traveloka, you can always refer its website to book any flights or accommodations or simply to check any promotions going on - like this Chinese New Year Fly and Win Contest :D It is encouraged to download Traveloka apps as well, to make your process even smoother. Woohoo.

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