My Experience and Tips to Raudhah, Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

January 29, 2018

What is Raudhah actually?

First of all, it is an area inside Masjid Nabawi that include tombs of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w., Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq r.a. and Saidina Umar al-Khattab r.a.. There is another place that is said to be reserved for Nabi Isa a.s.

My Experience and Tips to Raudhah, Masjid Nabawi, Madinah
Kubah hijau Masjid Nabawi

Raudhah is the area that is also considered tempat mustajab doa. Most people who prayed here, they usually say that their wishes have been granted :)

Let me share my experiences so that you can isolate the points by yourselves.

As I mentioned earlier, women are allowed to enter Raudhah only after Fajr, Zuhur and Isya' prayers. Always enter Masjid Nabawi via door 25 (for women) if you attempt to enter Raudhah. There are two main gates afterwards - 1) to enter the men's prayer areas from women's prayer areas, 2) to enter Raudhah itself.

1) First attempt.

My first attempt (after Zuhur) to enter, Mak and I followed the Malay group - it is actually kumpulan berbahasa Melayu. Here, you can expect people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. And I've been told that English speaking countries can be included here as well. I have no idea about other groups. But seems like Indians love to join this group as well T_T

My Experience and Tips to Raudhah, Masjid Nabawi, Madinah
Can you see the signboard? This was when we were waiting to pass the first gate. 

After passing the first door, Mak and I ended up separated from that Malay group and suddenly we were surrounded by lots of Indians. I suspected we accidentally get ourselves into the Indian group. No way to leave the group anyway, as there were many other people behind our backs. So, we just try our best to adapt with that situation. To be honest, Indians are very aggressive. SubhanAllah. Memang rasa kena lenyek.

It was very crowded that we couldn't even see our feet. So, we couldn't decide if we already enter Raudhah's area or not. 

How to know? 
Raudhah's floors are covered with green carpets, instead of red carpets at other areas. 

2) Second attempt.

Okay, this time, it was after Isya' and we decided to really stick to the Malay group. And guess what, it was the same situation. Even in the Malay group, there were so many other people like Africans and Indians in the group. 

When people in Malay group were allowed to enter Raudhah, there was no easy way in either. So many people who were already in Raudhah had not leave Raudhah yet. Some others who didn't plan to stay longer, they were also stuck in the crowd and unable to get themselves out of Raudhah. T_T

My Experience and Tips to Raudhah, Masjid Nabawi, Madinah
Waiting to pass the second gate. Raudhah is beyond the instructions banners that you can see. 

The challenge for me at that time was, there was another makcik following me and Mak. I felt like another responsibility was given to me as I need to take care of her in Raudhah as well. She is 75 years old, guys. She looks tired of waiting and what else kena himpit etc.

3) Third attempt.

We first sit among the Malays before passing the first door, then we joined another group (it was with the Turks at that time). Alhamdulillah, it was the smoothest than previous two. Mak and I waited patiently (walaupun kena himpit jugak) until we reached the very front line of Raudhah. It was the best zone as less people pushing us. 

My Experience and Tips to Raudhah, Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

There are few tips I would love to share.
Not just for you but for my own references in the future. 

  • Perform lots of solat hajat to pray that we will have easier entry into Raudhah.
  • Be patient, sabar sabar and sabar.
  • Exercise regularly before coming here so that we will be physically fit.
  • Stay with the Malay group first. Usually in front of the first gate will be the Turks, beside them will be us, the Malays. But still, Malay group usually become the last group to pass the first gate T_T
  • Try to enter Raudhah with a partner. You can take turn to guard each other to pray. Why? When you sujud, other people would not see you down there. The potential to be stepped on will be much higher. 
  • While walking passing the first gate, always zikrullah and selawat. We are going to visit Rasulullah s.a.w.! :D 
  • The time allocated is 5 minutes - they said. But trust me, once you are inside, the tendency to be stuck and unable to exit is high. Use that time you are stuck there wisely - either to pray multiple times, make lots of du'as. If you want to give chance to other people, try to move out slowly while keep on making du'as although it will be challenging as well. 
  • Try to calm and don't shout as this is a mosque and if Rasulullah s.a.w. can see us, he must be very sad to see the situation T_T Avoid using harsh words and be patient when you are pushed from all directions. 
  • Send our salam for Rasulullah s.a.w. and his Companions. You can always read the prayers in your guidebook. 
  • Always say in our prayers that this will not be our last chance to visit Rasulullah s.a.w. and to hope that we will be here again very soon. 
  • Still perform our prayers towards qiblah, NOT TOWARDS THE TOMBS!
  • Enter lightly. I mean, avoid taking with you lots of bags. Even, tawakal a lot to leave the shoes at the shoe racks. 
  • There are spaces to pray for people on wheelchairs. I think they have different entrance :)

There is an interesting story about Saidatina Aisyah. She was originally offered to have a tomb in Raudhah but she decided not to be there as there would be Saidina Umar r.a. (who was not her mahram). Aisyah was buried at Jannat al-Baqi' (Perkuburan Baqi') which is said that people buried here will be among the earliest to enter Jannah. :)

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