Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

January 19, 2018 Mecca Saudi Arabia

The second hill that we visited was Jabal Rahmah. Other name is Jabal Arafat and it is about 70 meters in height. The view that I remembered was a hill in the middle of large open space - dataran. There are so many buses around (same in other places as well) that sometimes I confused which bus was ours.

Point number one - always take note the bus number. Not the plat number but number in front of the bus. I guess Saudi Arabia is well prepared with its buses that it comes with numbers to make it easier to remember. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

Why this place is important in Islam? 

1. Meeting point of Nabi Adam a.s. and Hawa.

It was said that Nabi Adam a.s. met Hawa in this area after being cast from heaven to different locations on Earth. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
On top of the hill, a monument was placed here that said to mark the meeting site of Nabi Adam a.s. and Hawa. 

2. Wukuf in Arafah

Wukuf in Arafah is one of rukun haji that pilgrims need to be there when they are in ihram (between 9-10 Zulhijjah). It is the area around the hill and I just know that it is known as Plain of Arafat in English.

On this day, all pilgrims can make full use of the time there to perform prayers, make du'as, zikrullah etc. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
It was very pack to climb the hill, anyway. The view during Hajj may look even amazing :) 

3. Mustajab place to pray.

One of the common du'as made here is to pray for a good partner. Once we step into Padang Arafah (Plain of Arafat), focus more on our du'as. In fact, while we are in Makkah and Madinah, always make prayers. :)

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
After all, all prayers need to be done facing our Qibla yea? Not towards the hill. 

4. Allah revealed a verse that said He is pleased with Islam as the Deen.

Here, at Arafah. 

......This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion...... (Al-Ma'idah 5:3)


We were given around 20-25 minutes here.  At first, none from our group wanted to climb the hill. I think maybe because the fact that quite a few of them had been here before and most of us were elderly. Hehe. I was that enthusiastic to do so and alhamdulillah my shoes was fit enough to climb. 

I was in rush so I climbed on the rocks that were not really used as normal pathway otherwise I need to wait for turns. T_T Running out of time as the bus was waiting for only me, I can say 10 minutes are doable to hike up and get down :)

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

Honestly, there were quite a number of rubbish on the hill - not to forget pictures. I am not sure why but I could even see passport sized pictures there in between the rocks. -_-'

Till next post!
I am going to share my experience of hiking Jabal Nur and visiting Gua Hira'.
Do you remember Gua Hira' and its stories? :D

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