Meeting Amazing Camels :)

January 20, 2018

Second day of ziarah luar, meeting camels was in the tentative :)

Well, I personally have never see camels in real life and I have no memories of meeting them in the zoos as well. Are there camels in zoos in Malaysia?

With the friendliest camel there.

As we all know, camels were the popular transportation in deserts like in Saudi Arabia. Camels have the capability to carry from the heaviest items to the lightest. And the mutawwif told us that during previous Hajj where buses were not yet available, camels were used to carry pilgrims' luggage. :O

"(Mengapa mereka yang kafir masih mengingkari akhirat) tidakkah mereka memperhatikan keadaan unta bagaimana ia diciptakan?" - Quran 88:17


Camels are such interesting animals!

Camels can survive in the middle of deserts without meals up to three weeks. The hump does NOT contain water as most of us believed - instead it stores fatty tissues that can be metabolized into water when needed. Another point is that it concentrates the fat at the hump so that camels can survive in hot weather. I mean, if the fats are distributed through out the body, they are easier to be metabolized. 

Like abdominal fat. Haha. This is the most stubborn fat to lose!

I am too sad that the camels are staying in this kind of area T_T

If you have seen camels by yourselves, have you realized camels have different bending of legs than other animals? I am trying my best to explain this T_T.

Mummy and baby.

If you observe the picture above, can you see the camels bend the front legs at two sites?

Most people including me would think that the joint that I make an orange circle to be the knee joint. In fact, it is actually carpal joint (equivalent to our wrists). Meanwhile in the blue circle represent the knee joint. 

So, knee joints of camels bend backwards instead of forward like humans do. All these special anatomical bones of camels help them to carry heavy stuffs on top of them. 

Fascinating, right? :D


Just, avoid lots of contact with the camels and wash our hands (or use sanitizers) after touching them. Avoid raw milk and poorly cooked camel meats as well. T_T

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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