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January 28, 2018

I have quite a number of posts in draft - on Umrah, Europe trips, Malaysia trips, things I did while unemployed yadayada.

Wrote something in each of them, unfinished posts with unedited photos... but I can't put blog as my priority since that day :) Unemployment phase is going to be over very soon and a new life's adventure is approaching. 

Can't say I am ready but I pray hard that I have prepared good memories and knowledge to face the truthful lifestyle later. Huhu. Pray for me, yea guys!

Going to remember this!

23rd January 2018
It was the first intake for 2018 and I was included in the list. 

The system opened that day at 12pm sharp. Even though I used to book my exam dates via the online University's system for the past good 6 years, but I couldn't help to still feel nervous this time. My future 2 years depend on this.


Still, I told myself to think positive if I got any placement beyond my list. But alhamdulillah, it turned out I got my top four choice. All my Hradec Kralove's colleagues got the hospitals they aimed for as well. Alhamdulillah.

May this is the best for us!

I am going to contribute there for the next two years, hopefully it will still be smooth despite the challenges :)

Ameen ameen!

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