From Jeddah to Makkah, Saudi Arabia

January 5, 2018

If you haven't read the previous part: 

Approaching Jeddah, the pilot announced when the plane was flying over Miqat* in which it was Qarnul Manazil for us. It is encouraged to attend any Umrah courses to have better understanding about these 13 forbidden stuffs and the rest (like procedures, experiences, FAQs etc) so that we have better ideas and don't do any of forbidden stuffs unintentionally. :)

Me, Ayah and Mak

We arrived Jeddah airport at about 9.40am (local time) and with the rest of groupmates, we took a bus to Makkah. Passport control was okay, the very first time I had to scan fingerprints other than the thumbs - compulsory for all I guess?

The airport is small I think, but the outside area is hugeeeee. Well, it is nice to have massive area like this to accommodate millions of people coming for hajj. :) 

The parking area for buses - buses are the main transport for hajj & umrah. 

Sands everywhere. Literally everywhere. 

Off to Makkah - al-Haram

Do you guys know that non-Muslims are not allowed to be in Makkah?

Sorry for my another ignorance and lack of knowledge about this fact. There are few signboards along the way to Makkah that mentioned 'Muslims' and 'Non-Muslims' like this:

Credit -

I came across this verse of Quran saying about this.

O you who have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean, so let them not approach al-Masjid al-Haram after this, their [final] year. And if you fear privation, Allah will enrich you from His bounty if He wills. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Wise. - Quran (At-Tawbah 9:28)

After having few thoughts about this, I realized that Makkah is really the holy city :) The main reason people come to this city is for spiritual and religious reason, not for fun. Another point to be taken is the crowds. I have been told that Makkah is full of people basically every single day and the main purpose will be distracted if people just came for tourism. Cleanliness is another thing to be considered. 

But I guess the verse is more than enough for this rule. 

This is how the highway looks like.

We stopped by R&R there and the building in this photo is the musolla. It is very big to accommodate big number of people :)

After Zuhur prayer, my parents and I went to grab lunch. For the travel agents, food are provided at the hotel but since we are not able to reach the hotel within lunch hours, we need to pack ourselves food to eat.

Most of us went to Al-Baik (like KFC I guess). And this was my first experience when queues for male and female were separated. And even entry for women was from different door than the main door. But still, the cashiers were all male. Well, it is not easy to meet any female workers (outside the mosques).

This area is designated for ladies.


Orange juice.

After receiving the food, we went straight to the bus and continued the journey.

Common view along the journey. I was very surprised actually. I knew Saudi Arabia is full with deserts but I imagined date palm trees everywhere -_-' 

The checkpoint before entering Makkah - if I am not mistaken :) I was interested with the divider instead. Look at that! Hohooo. Awatnya macam ular kena palu gitu?

Shariah Arch - to mark Haram boundary.

Once we enter Makkah - Haram boundary, it is highly recommended to pray and if you refer guidebook provided,  you will find this du'a. :)

Ya Allah, kurniakan daku di sini tempat tinggal yang tetap dan rezeki yang halal. Ya Allah, Tanah Haram ini tanah haram Engkau, negeri ini negeri Engkau, ketenteraman ini ketenteraman Engkau, dan hamba ini hamba Engkau. Hamba ini telah datang menyahut panggilanMu, dari negeri yang jauh, membawa dosa yang banyak dan amalan-amalan yang buruk. Aku bermohon kepadaMu sebagai permohonan orang yang sangat berhajat kepadaMu, dan takut daripada azabMu supaya Engkau terimalah daku dengan kelimpahan kemaafanMu dan masukkan daku ke dalam syurgaMu, syurga Jannatun Naim. Ya Allah, tanah haram ini tanah haram Engkau makan haramkanlah dagingku, darahku dan tulang sendiku daripada api neraka.


Arrived at Al Safwah Royale Orchid (about 50 meters from King Abdulaziz Gate), checked in after Asar and some of us were already getting prepared to perform the tawaf and sai'e. In which unfortunately for me, I only managed to perform mine after Subuh the next day. To survive a day with 13 forbidden things, for me it is not that easy, especially the intentional hair fall. T___T

The lobby of Al Safwah Royale Orchid

Room for me and Mak, plus 3 other jemaah wanita. There were two other single beds on the other side. However, only 3 of us stayed there. :)

Nevertheless, alhamdulillah!

* It was totally okay to set our niat from home but keep in mind that we would be bounded earlier to follow the rules of 13 forbidden things in ihram - which are:
  1. Covering the head / part of it (for men).
  2. Covering the face (for women).
  3. Wearing sewn garments (for men).
  4. Wearing gloves.
  5. Removing any body hairs. 
  6. Trimming / cutting the nails.
  7. Using perfumes.
  8. Applying oil to the body.
  9. Damaging trees / plants in Makkah.
  10. Hunting.
  11. Touching someone with desires.
  12. Intercourse.
  13. Marriage.

p/s - I would highly recommended this hotel to consider before you sign up to any Umrah travel agent :) Another famous hotel booked by agents is Makkah Millennium Hotel and Towers.

Till next post.

SS, Perak, Malaysia


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