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January 8, 2018

The very first book I finished reading in 2018. 

I did not check the review or rating via Goodreads in advanced. And in fact, I am a bit hesitated to buy books like this. Haha. Suamiku bla bla bla, isn't the title a bit cliche? This kind of title used to be so famous to be published into dramas. 

But, I know I should not judge the book by its title. Eh?

I decided to buy it as Aiman Banna sounds familiar with non-fiction books. Right? 
I haven't read his other books anyway, I will I will.

Title: Suamiku Dajjal
Author: Aiman Banna
Pages: 342
Publisher: AQADA International Sdn. Bhd.
Publication Date: April 2017

There is a girl named Anis Safia who dreams on a religious guy (read: ustaz) to be her husband. She loves reading novels so much and I can say that somehow she is living with the love fantasies shown via the novels. Although she adores Encik Kopiah (an anonymous author), she ends up marrying Adam Wafiy, a guy she met during a book fair two months ago. 

Unfortunately, the husband whose the wife expects perfection from, is not perfect (well, who is though). He is someone with bad pasts. The situation gets worse when she called her husband, Dajjal! 

You need to read the novel to understand what kind of bad stuffs Adam involved in that trigger so much anger in Safia. Continue reading to know what will happen to their marriage.


Stop here if you don't expect spoilers. Haha.
I will refrain myself from sharing key points but sometimes they go beyond my capability :)

There are lots of things within this book for us to ask ourselves and to find the answers within us.

1. Everyone has his own bad pasts, will we accept people like this? How far it can be?

This is a common issue in people nowadays. We can't run far away from expectations. And really, people know expectations kill. So do assumptions. 

So many people mentioned they don't really mind people with bad pasts but how far can we accept?

I remember a tweet about if you happened to love someone and towards your marriage, you found out that he/she was a criminal. Was. I repeat, was. 

So, will you still accept that someone? If yes, how can you be sure that he/she is not going to repeat the same mistake / crime again? If not, what will you do to stop the relationship?


2. Will we do forbidden stuffs if we are in rough situations and seems like there is not a single way out?

This question may be not that common in my life but I know there are people out there who happened to be in very risky and rough situations. Turn out, they can't think well to find solutions and usually the situations will put the person under more tension and pressure to survive. 

Let me relate this question to common situations around us that I found in the news. 
  • Is it okay for poor people to steal money or food just to keep themselves or their family from starving?
  • Is it okay for people to involve themselves in prostitution for the sake of survival?

It is hard for me to answer myself.

"Jadi Anis Safia, saya cuma mahu awak terima saya yang sekarang, yang sudah berhijrah. Janganlah pandang segala sejarah jahiliah saya."

3. Ask before we judge.

Although being judgmental is not socially accepted, but somehow we need to have good judgement to proceed with life. We actually make judgments all the time! 

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya yang menyebabkan kamu menyesal atas perbuatanmu itu." - Quran - Al-Hujurat, 49:6

The point that makes it different is to have better understanding about certain things before we jump into conclusion or make any decision. I look forward to more conversations, more information before I can decide what to do. As what I have mentioned earlier, assumptions also kill!

Yes, it is. 

Simple example - we rely on other drivers' signals / indicators before we want to change lanes, to make any turns, to cut off other cars etc. Humans can't read minds (or maybe some can). Signals are clues for us to understand what the other drivers have in mind, so that will help us to make better judgement on road. 

Maybe not a good example, but you get the point right? T_T

4. Love people around us. 

"Kadang-kadang kita berseronok di dalam social media kerana berhubung dengan orang yang jauh daripada kita, sedangkan kita sedang menjauh dengan orang yang terdekat dengan kita."

5. If you want the best, be the best and do the best. 

"Seolah-olah nak naik kapal terbang tapi malas keluar duit untuk beli tiket flight."

6. If you are married, behave like a married person.

I am sorry that I am totally not in the shoes to elaborate this, but I feel that problems in marriage are common and needed to make the relationships grow fonder. It is tolerable to ask people for help when you feel helpless. Just it is absolutely weird and unnecessary to share it to random-opposite-gender-stranger. T_T 

In this novel, I felt speechless when Safia wrote a message to Encik Kopiah (the anonymous author she loves) and shared about her marriage crisis. Why, girl? Ouchhh. 

To make it even sadder is when Safia is looking forward to get married to Encik Kopiah while she is still a wife of Adam. T_____T Although it turns out into something different, but still.....


All in all, it is a good novel to read although I feel like I can expect most of the plot. Cliche but not that cliche. Full of lessons to be learned, lots of Quran verses as well :) The story is a bit slow at the beginning but it is interesting enough when it reaches the climax, the moment when Safia calls Adam as Dajjal!

Redha, belajar untuk redha.

My rating: ★★★☆☆
SS, Perak, Malaysia

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