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January 11, 2018 Mecca Saudi Arabia

After tawaf, we can directly proceed to Safa for Sa'ie. Otherwise, if we want to rest a bit, we can still wait for a better time that day (but just be careful for rules in ihram) :)

Sa'ie is walking between Mount Safa & Marwah 7 times - 450m one way. When I was younger, I imagined the real mountains T_T. Sorry for being too ignorant, but today, the area to- and fro- these mountains are properly prepared for people. With beautiful and clean pathways covered with cold tiles, we can perform sa'ie comfortably.

Actually, I am not sure if they are mountains or hills. Sorry, can't check about them. Hehe.

Ayah Mak :D

I think it will be great if we understand the story behind Sa'ie and I believe most of us know about it. Alhamdulillah. Just to refresh our memories...

As we all know Sa'ie is based on Siti Hajar (wife of Nabi Ibrahim a.s.) who was left with their son, Nabi Ismail at the isolated desert with some water and dates. She believed it was ordered by Allah when Nabi Ibrahim told her to do so. When the water was running out that reduced her milk, she ran in between Safa and Marwah to search for water and maybe some people who happened to be there for her to ask help. 

After trying her best, Allah helped them by rewarding Zam-zam spring, at the place where the heel of Nabi Ismail was. Since then, Makkah is rich with unlimited source of water. :D

Exit tawaf area, we will find signboards To Masa'a (Al-Safa) / SAEE etc.

Experiences for Sa'ie:

Always start from Safa as there was one lady asking me which part to start. I assumed she was confused of which side was which. There is a signboard stated 'Safa Start'.

Zam-zam water is provided along the pathway, take our time if we need water or rest.

People from all over the world :)

We can find toilets closer to Mount Marwah.

The green light - men are to hasten their walk (but not running). Then, return to normal pace at the end of green light.

  • Refer our guide book for all du'a for each route. Otherwise, we can simply read Quran along the way. Or, doalah apa-apa yang nak :D
  • At the area for Sa'ie, if we feel tired of walking between Safa & Marwah, we can always sit down close to the walls and read Quran :)
  • I've been told that it would be nicer to have wudu' while sa'ie but it is not compulsory (compared to tawaf), so no worries if we are no longer in wudu'.
  • If we perform sa'ie when the time is quite close to any prayers, please be kind to prepare for prayers first when we hear the azan (especially for women). Don't worry, we can always find places to pray at Mount Marwah or at the back of it (as long as we are not blocking the sa'ie)
  • Wear good socks, going down Mount Safa & Marwah can be quite slippery. Be careful :)
  • There are areas for wheelchairs as well.
  • I've been told that Sa'ie can be done on ground floor or first floor. But, during my trip there, only the ground floor was open I think. 
  • For tahallul (trimming / cutting hair), we can do it anywhere - either directly after we finish the sa'ie or we can wait to do it at the hotel room. For women, be careful not to expose the aurat while doing so in public.

Me and Ayah.

"Physically tasking but spiritually rewarding"

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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