1 Month Fitness Goals

October 25, 2016

Okay, a short post insyAllah before getting back to my workplace for more revision. :)

Being inspired by few friends' goals to care more on fitness, I decided to join the crowd. Some wish to be fit and sexy, some just wanna have good graduation photos, some wanna feel more beautiful inside. And for me, it is mainly to be healthy. I am the one who decide my lifestyle so I can manage it or change into whatever I want. But, not the genetic. 

Some people said that, if you are born to a family with obesity or health diseases, the chance of getting it as well is higher. Yeah, that's true and I agree to that point. 

But, do we really know how our genes look like? Nay, but only if you do the test (in which I don't think it is necessary without any special reason). So, not to regret later, it is NOW or NEVER. 

I am going to change my lifestyle. 

Haha, dah berapa tahun ulang wish yang sama ha?

image for Hradec Kralove Autumn
I've shared this on my Instagram account. Feel free to follow. Lol

It was 5 degree last Saturday morning but my friend and I proceed with our plan to do some outdoor exercise. Basically some running, walking, jumping etc. I still need to protect my left hand, so NO workouts involving hands for now.

The bonus was that the views Allah bless Hradec Kralove with. 

image for Hradec Kralove Autumn
Lovely :D

image for Hradec Kralove Autumn
Train bridge.

What are my goals?

  • get rid of another 1kg
  • 3-5km jog 2-3x/week
  • 5000 steps per day

I am doing good so far, takut jugak kang yo-yo effect je jadinya. 

So....Anyone wanna share their fitness goals?

HK, Czech

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