Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey

October 4, 2016

30/9/16, 1/10/16

On my way back from Kuala Lumpur to Prague. Unfortunately, I have about 18 hours layover in Istanbul! I knew I had long transit on the return journey but didn't realised it was THAT LONG. Haha. And I didn't knew we can request for hotel if eligible. 

Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
Ataturk Havalimani Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
A friend of mine asked me to just go to the hotel desk and ask if I'm eligible for a free hotel room. I didn't put high hope though. Because, from my experience with Emirates before, they also provide free hotel room if (1) the ONLY flight connection LEFT is after more than 10 hours, (2) the price of ticket more than 800.

So, I expected the same with Turkish Airlines (TA).

The queue was really long, when it came to my turn... yea, I could feel it. I'm not eligible. :p

There was a shorter connecting flight in between so that means I had a shorter alternative. I think the price was 200 more expensive that's why I chose the longer transit I guess. 

Staying at the airport is a 'boring' thing to do.
And it is even worst when the free WiFi given is only for 2 hours! T__T
Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
Travel light. Konon. 
I prepared myself with Turkish Airlines' pillow for that night, borrowed from the plane Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul. Haha the pillow was quite obvious that few people asked me if that's from TA. T_T I returned the pillow to TA during my flight from Istanbul to Prague.

Lantak pi la.

Oh yea, I did considered spending money on hotel room as I needed a proper sleep that time. The cheapest hotel room with airport transfers, complimentary breakfast costed at least 70! Ya Allah, terkesima dibuatnya.

I did asked TA if they have discounts on the hotel room they provide. And tadaaaaa, they give discount for it! Surprisingly yes! And cheaper than other hotel agents!

55 for a night in 5* hotel!

Tapi, sebab 55 pun banyak tu, finally I decided to stay at the airport that night. So tired to go to the city center, nak kena tukar duit lagi. It was getting dark and I just don't feel like going out at the end. 

Ayuhlah mereput di lapangan terbang T___T

Haha back to the topic.

I literally just knew that we can request for meal voucher if we fly with Turkish Airlines and we have a long transit in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. But, I simply didn't know much about the details BUT the free meal EXIST! :)

The food varies, depends on the time. You will have more choices for lunch and dinner I guess. But, I requested the breakfast meal. So, the person in charge narrowed the choices to ONLY one kiosk. 

So, how to request for free meal?
1. Go to Turkish Airlines Care Point. Quite close to gate 215. It is at the back of Passport Control & Custom #1

Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
how the care point looks like. 

2. Show your boarding pass, wait for the officer to process your request. Then, you will get a paper like this.

Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
yep, an A4 paper. Haha

3. Find the given kiosk/restaurant. In my case, I was only allowed to get meal from Freshly Baked. So.... this is the place. Oh yeah, the meal vouchers are for food from kiosks / restaurants in the food court.

Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
Freshly Baked.

4. Show the meal voucher and ask what can you get. They will serve you :)

Free Meal Voucher | Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey
I had this for breakfast. :)

So, chicken sandwich and orange juice for breakfast. 
It worth at least 15 Lira. Okay la tuu, free kot.

Till then,
I started the school session yesterday, will try to update the blog as frequently as I can.


Take care!

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