Arriving Edinburgh, Scotland!

October 13, 2016

Yeay, finally I'm starting to continue writing about my trip to Scotland. There will be at least 7 posts in draft right now, hopefully I am able to write good posts about the trip insyAllah.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
In front of Edinburgh Airport

I don't know why I looked so happy in most pictures in Scotland. It was good to scroll on pictures of this trip while I'm having unstable emotion right now. So, I think it's better to write my experiences as an attempt to occupy myself. 

Okayy, back to the journey. From Frankfurt, Germany, I took another Lufthansa flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. In the ticket, it stated departure at 11am and arrival in Edinburgh at 11.55am. However, the flight took about 2 hours actually as Scotland is one hour late than Czech & Germany.  

Edinburgh, Scotland
Map of Frankfurt - Edinburgh

I've never imagined myself travelling to Scotland actually. But, since my friend was studying there, why not I took that chance to explore Scotland. 

The route involved crossing the North Sea. It was a blast as I haven't seen seas for a while. T_T

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland
Lufthansa gave me this - vegetarian sandwich? cheese basically. 

Edinburgh, Scotland
Arriving Edinburgh

The pilot managed to land the plane smoothly, but it took a while for me to get out of the plane as I was sitting at the back. Heee. I didn't have any luggage to claim so I walked straight to the passport control. Ahaa, in the flight, the stewardess gave a piece of paper about my trip here - like where will I stay, for how many days bla bla. I think you know which paper I'm talking about.

The funny thing was, I had no idea about the address of my friend! So, I left the space empty.

Fortunately, the airport provided free WiFi :) While waiting in line for passport control, I texted my friend with high hope she will read my message. Well, most people nowadays have data connection on the smartphones, right? And yea, she responded in few seconds :D No need to worry about meeting the female officer - she looked unfriendly though. 

But, it was just my assumption. Huhu. The way she welcomed me to Edinburgh, I felt like.... awwww I felt belong to this country. Hihi. 

Don't simply judge a person by his/her face. :)

Edinburgh, Scotland
International arrivals

We didn't decide where to meet but I knew she would pick me up :) So, I wandered around the airport in the small arrival area while waiting for her text. 

In few minutes, I heard my name being called. 


She's one of the friend who calls me Na, simply Na. I used to introduce myself as Hanis to public, but people around me usually call me Nina instead. But, I don't mind though, both are still my names :D

Don't let me start describing how we first met. Hahaha. It might sound weird to all of you. We met in Friendster a longggg time ago. :D In the real world, maybe 2 times in Malaysia and this was the third time. I think so. 

Edinburgh, Scotland
I introduce to you, Haziqah, I call her Ka :) And yea, she's very tall. 

For the first few days, I relied on her on expenses as I didn't have Pound Sterling at all when I arrived Scotland. Told ya, it was a last minute plan. She took care of the transportation (no worries, I paid her before leaving Scotland haha). So basically I had less experiences on how to buy tickets etc. :p 

What's next?

Let's get to the city center!

We had few hours to spend in Edinburgh before we left for Dundee - her town. To get to the city center, from what I observed, you can take either bus or tram. Bus is cheaper (I don't remember how much) but it takes longer time than tram. The best point for both of them, they provide free WiFi on board!

Edinburgh, Scotland
2 choices

Edinburgh, Scotland
This is the tram.

Edinburgh, Scotland
And this is the bus. 

In the next post, I will share more about Edinburgh city :) We went to few attractions - beautiful enough to be grateful with. See ya. ^_^

HK, Czech

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