My Journey to Dundee, Scotland

October 18, 2016

We took a bus from Edinburgh Bus Station to Dundee. Haziqah planned my trip well - bus ride from Edinburgh to Dundee and I will take a train ride for the return trip at the end of my journey in Scotland. She wanted me to experience both rides :) 

So sweet of you, Ka. 

Edinburgh to Dundee

Dundee is located about 88km from Edinburgh, can be accessed by train and bus. There is an airport as well, but I am not sure which flights depart or land there. The city is at the side of Tay River connected to North Sea. It was really cold to walk along the river. 

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
The bus schedule.

The trip was with Megabus bound to Aberdeen, it will drop and take people in Dundee. Megabus is famous for its £1 ticket even to London! But, that time, mine was £12, of course not that cheap. If you buy earlier you can get a cheaper price. Megabus provides free WiFi as well. 

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland

I took few photographs before I landed to dreamland. Phewww, finally I managed to get some sleep. I was awake since the day before.

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland

That's all. Huuuu. Sorry Ka, I knew you wanted to show the countryside of Scotland to me. T___T 
I was just too exhausted. 

When I woke up, the bus already crossed Tay River. Haha. 

From Dundee Bus Station, we walked for less than 2km to Haziqah's hostel. I must say I love her hostel - en-suite bedroom that share the common kitchen with the other rooms. The idea of private bathroom in her room is the best one. :D 

Maybe because, in Hradec Kralove, the hostel provided is a flat with 2 rooms - each room with 2-3 students (you can be roommates with anyone you don't even know). That's the main reason why most international students don't stay at the hostel and prefer to find their own flat with similar prices. :p

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland

Most European universities provide free WiFi to the students - obviously. The WiFi network is called eduroam. Do you know that anyone with eduroam accounts can get access to Internet via eduroam anywhere? :D I was connected once on the road somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria before. That's when I discovered this fact. 

This is a thing I am going to miss when I return to Malaysia. Haha :)

Snippets of Dundee here. 
I will continue in the next posts yep.

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
The tower is St. Pauls Episcopal Cathedral. 

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
The bus here but we have no reasons to take the bus. 

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
Somewhere near the city council.

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
Not sure what exactly this building is about.

My Journey to Dundee, Scotland
This is actually tempat judi. Huhu. 

Okayyy, till we meet again insyAllah :)

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