Gifts From Lebanon :D

October 7, 2016

This happened less than a month ago, just few days before I flew back to Malaysia. 

Did you guys know a Facebook (FB) group named Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM)? This is one of my favorite place to spend my time on FB. Hmm, I can say FB is more meaningful for me with the existence of this group. Hehe.

I had the experience of meeting a lot of cool people from this group, hmm better to say backpackers. :D It may sound weird to you, like I'm meeting random strangers. But, don't worry. Before I met anyone from that group, I will do basic check up on his / her FB. Ouch. Just for precautions. If the backpackers are guys, usually I will update the tour to my parents and close friends. 

Gifts From Lebanon
They are so sweet :)

Oh yeah, Lebanon is called as Lubnan for Malaysians. I'm not familiar with this country. Embarrassingly, I need to check the map to know its location though. T_T It shares the border with Syria and Palestine. 

Lebanon on Google Maps

I feel good meeting new people, especially the one outside my course circle. Like, no medicine talks, no hospital experiences. I do share a bit of my life journey here in Czech. 

So far, I met many backpackers from aviation, a few from engineering, banking, education as well. If I accidentally met any Malaysians around Prague on the spot, I don't know why I love to offer myself to take them around (if I'm free that time though). :D

with backpackers
Meet Abg Wan (red shirt) & Qayum. Photobombed by another tourist. 

The funny thing was they didn't even know each other before this, yet they travel together. :D See, that's backpacking style. Haha. 

Oh yea, they are Malaysians. Qayum is the one working in Lebanon, while Abg Wan works in Malaysia and they met in Amsterdam :D

p/s - If you guys are coming to Prague, please let me know :) We can meet up and I can guide you around if needed. 
HK, Czech

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