Snacks From Taiwan, Thanks Luke!

October 8, 2016

I am glad I met many good friends while surviving in Czech for the past 5 years and counting. As a person who don't care much about friendship before, I realized that having friends is something I should appreciate. I cared about my studies A LOT when I was in schools. I cannot say I regret that ...but, I do, a bit. 

I will start to make posts of appreciation regularly for people who leave meaningful sparks in my heart for anything. :) 


Jawahir, Heidi, Luke, me.

These snacks are from Luke, a good friend of mine from Taiwan. 

He looks younger than his age though. Please guess how old is he and comment below yea?

I still remember he was one of the first international friends that I made during first year. Already a degree holder, yet he continues with another degree. 


Dear Luke,

Thanks for being a good study partner throughout our medical school. We spent lots of time in cafes for discussion - well that's the only place we can discuss things out loud and nobody will ask us to slow down our voices. Thanks again for sharing good tips to understand medical stuffs. Thanks for being open for discussion on comparison of religions. You are a good Christian (I forgot you are Catholic or else ouch) and I can say you are a great person with broad general knowledge. When you literally knows a lot about Islamic history as well - all those empires, most of prophets, the Islamic ways of life yada yada - I am so impressed. 

Being an Asian just like me, I think that's what make you stay closer to Malaysians than others. Haha. Thanks for being late to school just like I did. Thanks for sitting next to me in many classes. Thanks for giving moral supports during the hard times. 

I'm still learning to appreciate friendship, so please understand I'm not that good to express myself. :)

Do keep in touch after we graduate soon. I wish you all the best wherever you may settle down in the future - Germany or return to Taiwan. Do invite me and the rest of us for your wedding. Haha. 

Snacks from Taiwan
Awesome snacks.

No worries about the snacks. They are awesome, I already tried the two on the right and the remaining is the cake. Thanks for even checking the ingredients before giving them to me :D

p/s - I am having #finalyearsyndrome now when I feel like taking pictures of random things around me even though it is just a tree, normal tree.  

HK, Czech

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