Good Morning, Rainy Dundee :)

October 19, 2016

Morning, Dundee :)

That morning, we didn't have any plan other than to have iftar with the other Malaysian students. It would be my first time to meet them, naah no worries, my principle is like this "your friends will be my friends and I will treat them as good as I treat you."

For iftar, Haziqah and I planned to prepare sushi and bread pudding. 

So, off to Tesco, it was literally in front of Haziqah's hostel. :D This reminded me of my flat, I can see Tesco from my window as well. 

Seabraes Bridge - to cross all railways.

Basically, the arrangements in Tesco are similar in any countries. From the entrance, it would be the flowers and plants, stationeries yada yada. But, writing this post make me realised I was excited to be there, in Tesco. Haha. Maybe that was how my parents felt when they stepped into Tesco in Hradec Kralove last year.

Tesco je pun T___T

Kalau kat Malaysia banyak pokok-pokok kann, kat sini banyak bunga hidup macam ni. 

Kinda cheap. :p

Satayyyyy. Haha, don't argue much about where satay actually originated. Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia dan Malaysia ni serumpun, okay.

This was what really caught my attention. Fuh, I wish I have this in Czech!

Self-service counter to pay your groceries. Scan your items, tap tap tap, scan some more items and just pay by card or cash. On your own.

Done with grocery shopping.

Before going back to prepare the food, we walked along the river. Told ya it was raining slightly and you can see how gloomy the sky was. But, still it was nice to walk together while updating each other with stories.

There were lots of seagulls!


See. Seagulls everywehere.

School kids go to school. 

Not to forget, these containers building. :D My abangngah loves the ideas of containers a lot but I think I haven't show this to him though. T_T

Awesome kottt. 

The windows :D malam-malam pintu kontena boleh jadi grill. 

I will share the food in another posts. Haha

But, honestly I had so much fun in the kitchen with Haziqah. She is a talented baker and she loves K-pop much. Haha. I was once influenced into these K things so I know something to talk about. Not that into K-pop groups much as I prefer ballad songs. Surprisingly, we share the same favourite singers!

Kim Jong Kook. Yes, the muscle guy in Running Man. I was a huge fan of him, already told you before. I still remember how enthusiastic I was, to memorize his songs during A-Level exams period. 

Next is Davichi. I just love their voices and songs :p

I can't forget the embarrassing moment when I thought BTS is just behind the scene. It is actually a K-pop group. T____T

On the way to Haziqah's friends' house. That are the containers, with Tay River as background. 

Entah apa ntah statues ni :O

We walked around University of Dundee, yeah it will be in another post as well. Haha. Nanti panjang sangat satu post ni. 

Overgate - the mall. 

On our way, we dropped by at this mall - Overgate. And..... hahahah there's Primark over here! Ouch, if you have been to Primark, you will understand why people love this shop a lot. And I don't understand why Primark haven't reach Czech yet. It is all over Europe kan?

I was under control that day - just because I told myself I don't have any spaces in my backpack to buy many stuffs. Haha. I just bought few tote bags with the word Scotland on it - not for my own souvenirs but for my mum and aunts. 

Now, thinking back about this....I have no idea what have I bought for myself. 

Oh, postcards. Okay. 

Caird Hall

Caird Hall is actually a theater / auditorium something like that - where you can watch orchestra etc. I thought it is the town hall where the city mayor works in it. 

These are some characters in comic magazine - The Dandy. The big guy is called Desperate Dan.
No ideas about the contents of this comic. 

The monkey is actually trying to rearrange the alphabets. Guess what actually supposed to be written there? Comment your answer below. Haha.

McManus Galleries is a museum / art gallery, not sure what's inside as it was closed when I get there. But, the building was lovely, with Gothic style :)

McManus Galleries. 

Positive energyyyyy. 

Haziqah and I :D

Continue walking.

We passed by another education centers - High School of Dundee and Abertay University. 

Abertay University.

Arriving their house :D

Apartments in Czech in slightly different than here. In Czech, the ground floor will always be the shops. But, in Dundee at least, houses can be on the ground floor as well. However, the arrangements inside the apartment are kinda the same. Once you step into the house, you will be in the common area (small one just enought to choose your coats & shoes), then you can see 2-3 rooms (one of them could be the living room) and a kitchen. 

Small but I love this style as I think it is comfortable enough to live in.

HK, Czech

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