These 4K Videos Will Make You Fall In Love With Czech Republic

October 31, 2016

Hi :D

Monday blues anyone? Haha. Czech just ended daylight saving time on Sunday, so the time went back 1 hour. Now, Malaysia is 7 hours earlier than Czech. I was staying up till 3 am last Sunday, with high hope to witness the time changed from 3 am to 2 am. I don't know what happened to me, but I missed it by 1 minute! 

Bila tengok jam masa tu dah jadi 2.01am balik. Speechless. Rasa frust, memang terus tutup buku terus tidur. 

Okayy, untuk hari ni, nak share YouTube channel junior saya. We are not close, haha we are in two different universities and different towns. But, seriously, please subscribe to his channel. I will never disappoint you with any channels that I shared in my blog, so far I think. :) 

The best part is, most of the latest videos are 4K. I don't know much about this 4K as I used to be satisfied with any HD videos. But, honestly 4K is really something different. :D Watch these videos, you will understand what I am trying to say. :D

As I am a nature lover, I recommend these 3 videos.


There is a lot of traffic searching for Bohemian Switzerland recently, actually since the day I posted these 2 posts:
Adrspach - the closest one to my place.
I've been here for at least 5 times since 2011, but I have no idea why I didn't have any posts on my blog for it. Will TRYYY to make at least one later, insyAllah. 
Punkva Caves.
I've been eyeing on this cave since ages. But, it is quite far from my town to do a day trip - basically the public transportation' schedule is not suitable for a day trip. It's either going there very early in the morning and get back around 1-4am. Maybe I need to start from Olomouc or Brno then. Or another road trip, maybe.
Do pray for us, we are going to have a tough exam week starting today :)
HK, Czech

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