10 Things I Can't Live Without

October 15, 2016

I've been tagged again by Fatin. Haha, haven't done the first tag actually, maybe I should just write something while I have the chance to. 

Family is a must and I will try my best to survive with them - they are absolutely people I love the most. Now, let's talk about real things. 

Basically my list is like this;

1. Quran

- I started to appreciate this Holy book more when I stepped my feet on Czech lands. It was a struggle to survive in a foreign country at the age of 19-20 years old with everything looks alien to me. The lifestyle, the people, the language etc. Quran helps me to keep calm and reassure I have Allah to lean on.

2. Passport / identity card

- This is like a part of life. Haha, don't imagine what happen if you lost any one these identifications. It will be easy if we are in Malaysia but, obviously not when we are outside of the country. To live here while waiting for visa is already challenging enough.

3. A place to stay

I don't mind how small it is. As long as I have somewhere to stay.

4. Handphone and charger

You are lost somewhere and you are not able to reach any of your family members / friends to return home. :p Imagine that. Haha. With Internet, this will be fantastic for me to just stay under the duvet.

5. Laptop and charger

I prefer typing on laptop than on the phone. Even for Whatsapp. :)

6. Food & water

Human cannot live long without food and water - they are as important as the air we inhale and exhale. Water is a must for me.

7. Clean clothes

Being a backpacker, this is something I need to think about. Either to bring more clothes or simply wear the same clothes. And I end up bringin more clothes hoho. My type of travelling involve lots of walking and hiking, so just don't expect it would not be dirty and smelly.

8. Good words

I don't like harsh words or any mencarut words. F, S whatever it is. Just, I am so exposed to these things when I became friends with so many people with different backgrounds. I can tolerate my friends saying that but I will try my best not to say myself.

9. Books

Anything to read, even though it will just be a pamphlet. :p.  

10. Money

Well, the cliche one.
Money is NOT everything but everything needs money. 

I found a video on FB about 10 Signs You're Doing Well in Life.
This made my day. :) The points mentioned there are likely similar to my points here. Wow.

Maybe I can still live without these things that I have listed. But, I am sure my life will be empty without them. When I lost my abanglong, there was a time I felt like it was dark on the other side of the road. Just imagine you lost someone special in your life and you need to live without him/her. 

Still grieving, I know. 

But, I need to keep going with my life as mine is not ending yet. I have a lot of things to take care of, so much good deeds I must do to get a better afterlife. :)

p/s - have a nice weekend everyone ^_^

HK, Czech

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