[PHOTOS] Hiking Day Trip Plan to Orlické hory, Czech

October 20, 2016

I've been to Orlické hory maybe 2 times before for skiing, but... I think I am not into these winter sports. So, it has been a while since then. 

Orlické hory means Eagle Mountain. It's quite famous for winter sports for Czech people around east side of Czech, other than Špindlerův Mlýn (more snow, more famous, more people and more expensive). ;p

Duta hiking Czech lantik sendiri. 

As usual, it was a day trip. The plan that I will share here is more suitable to follow if you start your journey from Hradec Králové. I was expecting autumn trees but not every trees have change colors. Few areas, yes. 

Bus to Orlické hory.

My friend and I took a bus to Orlické hory, unfortunately there was no direct bus at that time. So, we changed to another bus in Dobruška. Your journey really depends on the schedule. Please check the timetable in idos.cz. It can be bus-bus, train-bus as well. 

In our case, we took the bus from HK at 6.35am, to arrive in Orlicke hory at 8.19am

A point not to be missed here is, we stopped at the final station - Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice as idos.cz, it only shows Deštné v Orlických horách, Národní dům

If you stop at Narodni dum, you need to walk for another 10-15 minutes to get to the starting point which is at Zakouti hot.Orlice. 

Hiking route that I used.

The hiking trails are like these

  1. Walk about 3.5km along green trail from bus station Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice to Šerlišský Mlýn.
  2. Walk another 1.5km along blue trail to Šerlich (you can step into Poland here :D)
  3. Then, walk along red trail for 3.5km toVelká Deštná - rozc., srub - you can stop at a small hut here for a cup of hot chocolate. 
  4. Continue to green trail for 2.5km to Luisino údolí. The first 0.5km, you will reach the highest peak of this area which is Velká Deštná (1115m)
  5. Last one, blue trail for 2km to return to the bus station.

Total walking-hiking is 13km, that time we took about 5 hours for the whole journey in Orlické hory (including stop for a while for a drink and picturesssss). I expected to finish by 3pm, as I always add at least 2hours extra to any hiking trip. But, unexpectedly we finished quite early. We managed to take bus to HK at 1+pm.


Okayyy, time for pictures!

I used mapy.cz on my phone to keep track my location. Offline map is very helpful, I don't have to use my data here. 

Cottage :D This is how Czech's house in countryside. :)

Green trail. 

Blue trail, I think.

Šerlich Masarykova Chata - there's a hotel /hostel I'm not sure but this area is located close to the border of Czech and Poland. 

CZ/PL wohoooo, hello again Poland. 

The markers for trails are different between Czech and Poland. In Czech, they usually show distance in km or m. But, Polish side use time in minutes or hours. Both have their own advantages, but I personally prefer distance. 

I cannot see you Poland. T____T

In Poland, with background of Czech. :D

Found this guy on the road. Lintah bulan?

While having a cup of hot chocolate in a hut here. Hikers around Czech always bring a hiking diary where they can have stamps in it. The stamps look like this. 

Continue walking to the highest point. 1115m.


What else to say... hijau?

Aaaaah, feel like I wanna build a small house here. 


And moreee green. 

Green everywhere. 

I always wanna try to take pictures of waterfall. Look at the flowing water... Huuuuu. ^_^

Hiking down was a bit challenging with these rocks on the trail. T_T

Yeay, the end point is at the end of this road. Blue trail.
Autumnnnnn :D

From our start & end point (Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice), we found out the next bus would be in one hour. So, we decided to cut off cost and not to waste time by walking to the next bus stop, Deštné v Orlických horách, Národní dům. 

Luckily there was a direct bus to HK this time! Yeay, a good chance to take a nap. :D

An interesting building in front of the bus stop. Pelik. 

Okayyy, that's all. :D
Till next hiking trip.

HK, Czech

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