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October 24, 2016

In this modern world, email is an important thing to have. Maybe not just an email, but emails. Without email, you can't sign in for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram yada yada. 

For me, so far I have 3 emails;

1. Yahoo Mail 

- this is the email I have been using since high school. Yahoo was a huge name back then. I don't think I know Google before. Since this is my first email, I mixed it up with everything - formal stuffs and social medias. Then, few years ago, I created another email and transferred my social medias to this new email.

2. Gmail 

- yes, this is the new one. It is already old actually. I signed up for Gmail maybe when I was trying to sign up for It's more for social medias. However, I realized lately I tend to use it as a formal email as well. T___T Gmail is so easy to use than Yahoo Mail. I don't understand why I keep having problem to log in my Yahoo Mail. Hmphhh.

3. University Email

- Haha, this is seriously ONLY for school stuffs - like when the student office or any hospital departments would inform any announcement, news etc. Oh not to forget, the university's porter office uses this email to inform you the arrival of any parcels. 


The reason I am writing this post is to share with you guys how not-checking-my-email ruined my days. Hahaha. Takde la ruin sangat tapi haih kacau jugak lah.

I was waiting for a parcel since a month ago. As I told you, usually the university's porter office will send emails to my university email address. But nay, takde punnn. The item is actually lamps for my bike. It is autumn now, please imagine the daylight would be only between 8am - 6pm. Before 8am and after 6pm, I must use lamps when cycling - both front lamp and back lamp. 

image for lampu basikal
I used university address for parcels - easier to handle when involving customs.

To let you know, from 2011, the university informed anything via BOTH university email and own email (in my case, my Yahoo Mail). But starting 2013, the student office said that it would be officially using the university email ALONE.  

Just yesterday, I suddenly had a feeling to check my Yahoo Mail (after monthssss I think). And guess what, so many emails I have not read. T__T There are few formal emails, few warnings from the library. Sobss. I exceed the due date to return the books borrowed from the library. And my parcel (the bike lamps) already arrived like since early October. HAHA I felt breaking down to think how much I wasted on bus rides to school when 6.30 am was still dark. 14kc per ride multiply with minimum 10 days. Phewww.

image for lampu basikal

And not to forget that I need to pay fines for the books. 160kc. HAHAHA 

The problem is now, why I don't get all those university-related emails via my university email address? I admit that it is my fault that I haven't check those emails sent to my OWN email. But, I was expecting them in my university email though. 


I installed apps for Ymail now on my phone! Haha, frust rasa. 


Okay, looking at the bright side.
Sekarang dah ada lampu basikal, I have no reasons tak nak stay back sambung revision kat library / hospital sampai malam. :p

O&G exam in a week. Doakan yep.
HK, Czech

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